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2355 Main Street, Suite #110, Irvine, CA 92614

This day and age, being within a seller’s market and having inventory shortage, it’s relatively easy to list and quickly sell houses.  However, not all real estate sells easily… for instance, specialty use property, property with marginal equity, and any property that buyers may have difficulty financing traditionally are a few examples of property that takes an extensive period of time to sell and attracts limited buyers.  By thinking outside the box and utilizing his extensive creative real estate investment knowledge, Yee has developed advantageous seller financing solutions for sellers and buyers alike.  Yee is fully committed to serving his clientele with the highest fiduciary regard through each step of the way while meeting their selling and buying criteria.

Clients feel that Yee provides an unwavering loyalty and dedication to their greatest cause.  In the challenging negotiation environment in today's competitive market, having an agent that will stand his ground and represent you to the fullest extent possible is an asset not only for receiving the best possible outcome, but for clients that desire professional representation during the entire course of a transaction, and afterwards.  From recommending an aggressive listing price to assisting sellers in choosing the most effective and strongest offer to accept, Yee exceeds above and beyond a standard's agent's duties.  

As an incessant student of marketing, Yee’s expands on his passion for powerful thinking and innovative marketing to properly introduce his listings to qualified buyers.  From guerrilla marketing to mobile marketing, Yee follows the effective teachings of marketing legends such as: Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, and Jay Abraham.  By combining Creative Real Estate and proven compelling marketing techniques, each listing’s campaign grows audiences that listen and act.

In 2015, Yee continues to invest in Southern California real estate and develop perpetuating professional networks that compound his current local market conditions and trends.

Professional and Educational Background

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  • Buying and Selling Real Estate since 2007
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics
  • Mentored and Trained by Top Local Real Estate Investors in California 
  • Specializing in Income Producing Property, Flip Properties, Creative Real Estate, Avante Garde Marketing, and Foreclosure Acquisitions
  • 5-Star Zillow.com Agent


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Client Testimonials

"Justin Yee is the only person who was able to obtain a tenant for our condo. I had hired several agents and not one of them was able to produce. He is very professional in his dealings with me and very meticulous in terms of signing of documents. I highly recommend him."

Nena Z., Long Beach, CA

"Justin was recommended by my sister, who was recently represented by him. His responses were immediate and provided me with just the right amount of information. Within days, he helped me find the perfect home and guided me through the approval process."

Sandra O., Mission Viejo, CA

"Justin used his knowledge of the local market to determine a fair price for a home that had been damaged in a fire. He then negotiated with the owner purchase the house. In the thirty days it took to complete escrow, Justin found a couple who could benefit from purchasing the house because they had skills in renovating the house. He negotiated the selling price with the couple and was able to complete the transaction promptly. In the end both the seller and the new buyer were happy with the results. I would recommend Justin to anyone looking to buy or sell a house."

Richard T., West Hollywood, CA


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