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Nov. 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Hosted Luncheon

Thanksgiving Luncheon - Meet & Greet

Join us for our luncheon this Thanksgiving for great food, networking, and giving back to our local community.  We will be joining in with Amerilink Escrow (our in house escrow), Encore Lending Source (our in house direct lender), and United Star Real Estate (residential brokerage).  Invite your friends and family for an afternoon of celebration!

- Justin





Nov. 20, 2013

LA Ranked #2 - Best Place For Women to Live a Long Healthy Life

Los Angeles Region Ranked #2 - Best Place For Women to Live a Long Healthy Life

Best Place For Women To Live a Long Healthy Life in the country

Download Your Copy of the Women's Well Being National Report produced by Measure of America - a Project of the Social Science Research Council

It's not a coincidence that the TOP 3 Best Places for Women to Live A Long and Healthy Life are all in California.  Upon closer analysis, it's evident that the correlation between metropolitan cities in California with opportunity and diversity are the best places in the country for women to live healthy long lives.  The life expectancy for women is 83.8 which is over 3 years longer than the bottom ranked cities of the country.  It must be something about Los Angeles and Orange County that cultivates healthy lifestyles - perhaps the people, the ocean, the diversity, the opportunities, the culture, the weather, or just that it's an awesome place to live. 

I realize that living a healthy lifestyle in Los Angeles is a priority for many women when contemplating where to move.  My female clientele value opportunity, lifestyle, and safety as significant factors as well.  Narrowing a neighborhood that is aligned with what's most important to you is my priority.  I'm a resident of Southern California for over 10 years and I make excellent suggestions that will fit your healthy lifestyle.  

There's never any obligation and I'm here to help, so feel free to contact me without any high pressure sales tactics and just get the facts by clicking here

Oct. 23, 2013

California Real Estate Market Update - October 2013

OCTOBER 2013 - California State-Wide Market Update and Trends


  • Interest rates have increased slightly and inventory state-wide has also increased
  • Economic uncertainty and the buyers waiting on government policy to be implemented have caused a slight decrease in California Single Family Home prices.  Many prospective buyers' purchasing decisions have been put on hold temporarily until they feel comfortable with the status of the economy and local market.
  • Market is entering the off season (upcoming holiday months in California slows the real estate market down)

    Sales volume have decreased 5.1 percent from August 2013 where 434,910 homes were sold
  • Lower price points (under $300K) are still very active and inventory remains low due to investors and owner occupant home buyers' activity.
  • Mid to High price points ($500K-$1M+) are seeing a trend of increasing inventory and increasing unsold inventory (reasons why are only speculative at this time)
  • Homes over $500K have seen a 10% increase in sales share since a year ago (September 2012).  This means more homes in this category are selling in our current market.  300K-500K categories seem to have stayed about the same from a year ago (no significant increase or decrease in sales share of the market).
  • Median CA Home Prices are 24.4% higher than a year ago.  However, Median CA Home Prices are down 2.8% from August 2013 to a Median of $428,810.

Possible Reasons for home buyer behavior and real estate market slowing down in CA in October:

  • “The debate leading up to the expected tapering of the Fed’s stimulus program caused interest rates to rise over the past several months and might have put some of the housing demand on hold,” said C.A.R. Vice President and Chief Economist Leslie Appleton-Young.  “While interest rates have decreased since the Fed’s decision last month to postpone the pullback, the government shutdown and debt ceiling discussions over the past two weeks are likely to have an adverse effect on October home sales.”

How long did it take to sell a Single Family Home in September 2013?

  • The median number of days it took to sell a single-family home also increased to 29.6 days in September from 28.8 days in August, but was down from a revised 39.2 days in September 2012. 

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Oct. 22, 2013

Is Zillow and Trulia Accurate?

We Test Whether Zillow & Trulia Are Really Accurate At Home Values


Sept. 11, 2013

Investors: REO Open House Tour

Investors: Preview 5 REO Properties in 1 Afternoon with our REO Open House Tour

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