Orange County New Housing Developments Selling Out Ridiculously FAST!

As we enter 2015, we still see a good amount of Buyers seeking homes in Orange County.  While there isn't an avalanche of Buyers knocking down the doors of available home inventory, there are quite a few that are waiting for the "right home" or haven't found "exactly what they're looking for."  With the plethora of detailed information and pictures of homes for sale in Orange County, Buyers begin to feel that the existing inventory that is desirable is being fought over and sold at a premium.  The contemplation of lack of homes they really want vs. what the market is actually providing pushes Buyers into seeking new construction.  

Why go after new construction?

  • Similarly Priced to Comparable Homes in Square Footage, Bedrooms, and Bathrooms
  • Newer Homes in Same Neighborhood or City
  • Many developers are offering incentives in the form of upgrades and rebates
  • New construction is looked upon as less problems since it's new
  • Most appliances and high dollar items in home come with warranties

Downsides of new construction?

  • Many developments are sold out currently or availability of your desired floor plan is hard to obtain due to competing buyers
  • Smaller lot size
  • Lack of Yard(s)
  • Built closer together
  • Many with stairs not ideal for Seniors or Persons with Disability
  • Several 3 story models

Each buyer should sit down with a qualified Real Estate Agent that is familiar with the New Developments in Orange County to see if purchasing a new home is beneficial to their needs in a home.  An experienced Real Estate Agent can also advise buyers which upgrades are worthwhile and which floor plans may be most desired when it comes to reselling the home.  

Negotiating buyer credits and rebates is a task best suited for your agent.  Contact Justin Yee for a consultation or for detailed information on new homes in Orange County.