The Holidays Are A Great Time To Buy A Home

The holidays may be a busy time for most people.  Given the season, most people are visiting family, traveling, shopping, and spending their time at leisure.  This is the perfect storm in the current SELLER'S MARKET we live in.  If you're having difficulty getting your offer accepted or just don't seem to be able to find a decent home in your price range - I would suggest making the time to pursue homes in your market during the holidays.  While people are out of town and occupied, you have the chance to push your offer for a home in a way where elements are in your favor.  

Ideal homes to go after: 

  • Newly listed homes - homes receiving little attention, putting in your offer first can put you in a strong position
  • Homes that have been on the market for an extended period of time - stale listings may have Sellers willing to negotiate on terms or reduce their asking price for a sale
  • Expired listings - Sellers usually are looking to reduce or revise their original price
  • Homes listed at the cusp of your budget ceiling - you may be able to negotiate a lower offer price 

You may be able to negotiate an offer that gets accepted more easily during this period because many times Sellers are not getting bombarded with offers, buyers and agents are both out of town or busy which results in not many showings and offers, and Sellers are in a good mood.

We've had our Buyer's offer accepted at 3% below the asking price in a desirable solid neighborhood in Orange County.  The home was fully renovated on a large lot.  Through our aggressive methodology with offer submission and working diligently with our Buyers, we have developed a competitive edge.  It helps to have a Buyer's Agent that knows what he's doing and will "go to bat" for you when it comes to "put the gloves on" in the negotiation arena.

If you believe you could utilize a Realtor with this skill set, contact Justin Yee directly at (949) 533-1572 or at his office (714) 500-3025.